2020 Turkey Science and Production Conference Speaker List




Andrea Bertaglio

Carni Sostenibili sponsored by Aviagen Turkeys

The Sustainable Meat Project - A successful communication experience to consumers and stakeholders

Karen Bierinckx


Lipids: Consistently inconsistent. Variability in commercial fats and oils

Guilherme Borchardt


Probiotics in Turkeys the science behind the headline

Ian Brown

APHA Weybridge

Current AI threat and science developments directly supporting industry’

Manu Bernard De Laet


Fertility in toms: how to improve with phytogenics

David Diez


Protozoan diseases in turkeys; prevention and treatment

Ricardo Esquerra

APC Europe

The Potential Use of Spray-Dried Plasma in Early Nutrition in Turkeys

Colin Fisher

EFG Software

How does your turkey grow?

Peter Gruhl

Hybrid Turkeys

Management best practices: Small details can have the biggest impact

Michael Hess

Univ  Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

Infections with Histomonas meleagridis in turkeys and future control prospects

Arne Jung

Univ Vet Med Hannover

Bordetella avium infection in poultry - an overview

Krzysztof Kozłowski

Univ Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

The use of minerals in turkey nutrition

Andreas Lemme


Successfully reducing dietary protein in turkey feed and the adverse effect of whole wheat on performance and economics

Stephen Lister

Crowshall Vets

2020 vision - what can we expect in the next 40 years from looking at the last 40

Sabine Masching 

Biomin GmbH

Mycotoxins as predisposing factors for diseases in poultry - special focus on turkey

Florian Matter

Moorgy Kartzfehn von Kamake sponsored by Aviagen Turkeys

Challenges and Opportunities in Establishing a New Turkeys Parent Stock Operation in a remote location

Samia Messaoud

Feedia / Techna

The effect of energy level of finisher diet on male turkey performances, meat quality and economical impacts

James Pickup

Queens University Belfast

Cultivating and Combating, Histomonas meleagridis

Sophie Prentice


Importance of skeletal development and relation to gut health

John Ralph

Aviagen Turkeys

Fit for purpose – Sustainable and balanced turkey breeding

Kathrin Toppel

University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück

Foot pad assessment – approaches to increase animal welfare

Wouter Van der Veken


Are probiotics relevant in modern turkey production?

Owen Willems

Hybrid Turkeys

The genetic engine: Innovations to expand beyond current possibilities

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