2018 Conference Speakers (subject to change)





Emmanuel Amprou

Techna, France

The effect of dietary lysine and energy levels for heavy turkeys

Michelle Behl

Select Genetics, USA

Using Egg Breakouts to Improve Hatches and Poult Quality

Ian Brown


Continuing global threat from avian influenza and consequences for the turkey industry

Radka Borutova

Nutriad Belgium

Various impacts of mycotoxins on turkey health and performance

Heinz Bosse

Moorgut Kartzfehn von Kameke GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Turkey industry in Germany and Eastern Europe - outlook to 2030

Steven Clark

Devenish Nutrition, USA

The ABC of FDA and NAE in USA: Antibiotic (Free) Trends in Turkeys

Rob ten Doeschate

ABVista, UK

A fresh look at the mode of action of NSP enzymes, focus on the gut microbiota and fermentation products

Sylvain David

Olmix, France

Antibiotic Free Turkey Production using Algae 

Marisa Erasmus

Purdue University, USA

Stocking density: current standards and turkey welfare

Saad Gilani

DuPont Industrial Biosciences,  the Netherlands

Intestinal permeability in chickens and turkeys: the effect of fasting on increasing intestinal permeability in chickens

Richard Hutchinson

Aviagen Turkeys, Chester UK

Turkey Market Development

Sharron Huws

Queens University, Belfast, UK

The turkey gut microbiome and it's relation to animal and human health

Leopold Jungbauer

Delacon, Austria

Application of phytogenic feed additives in turkey feeding

Marcus Kenny

Aviagen Turkeys, Chester UK

Nutrient Density Research in Turkeys

Magdalena Kubińska and Bartłomiej Tykałowski

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

The effect of different dietary levels and sources of methionine on turkeys

Ian Lowery

Crowshall Vet Services , UK

Snood and drink - getting water quality right.

Claire Le Dain

Mixscience, France

Feed presentation effects on performance and digestive health

Michael Lilburn

Ohio State University, USA

An Update on Intestinal Development of the Young Poult

Ben Porter

University of Minnesota, USA

Turkey Reoviral Arthritis: A Novel Condition in Commercial Turkeys in the United States

Dmytro Radko

Elanco, Germany

Hepatic lipidosis in turkeys who is responsible ? infection or nutrition

Nataliya Roth

BIOMIN Holding GmbH, Austria

Strategies to overcome antibiotic resistance in turkey production

Ben Wood

Hendrix Genetics, Canada

Genomic Advancements in Turkey Breeding

Helen Wojcinski

Hendrix Genetics, Canada

Update on Turkey Health

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